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MEMBERS / Original Equipment Manufacturers

Design and manufacture of pasteurizers. Specialist in equipment for pasteurization of fruit juice, vinegar, coulis, mash potatoes, beer, milk, and others.. for semi-industrial and cottage industry production.
Year of creation : 1959

Design of customized complete installations including : - Feasibility study - Determining specifications - Identication and selection of components - Manufacture - Training and technical assistance Design and manufacture the most up-to-date efficient equipment to meet the needs of producters. Work in close partnership with the fruits producters. We aim to meet your needs and ensure your success.
The company GILSON accompanies you in the study and the design of a complete workshop of transformation, adapted and personalized to your needs.

Gilson PG Products

  • Tubular and plate pasteurizers
  • DITZLER type installation
  • Acetos bio-reactors
  • Spray chamber for flat, sparkling, post-pasteurizing juice
  • Packaging press
  • Advice, service and support
  • Other equipment: Filters, pumps, tank, grater, rinsing bottles

Gilson PG location

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342 Route de Rumilly
Tél : (33)

Gilson PG Business

Sector : Process - Pasteurization
Type of products :  Liquid, Paste
Market : Food
Food chain : Milk and Cheese, Fruits and Vegetables, Beverages and Syrups,

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