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Packaging trends

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Tecnimodern Automation, having been in existence for over 30 years and with a wealth of experience, has a wide range of bagging machines (machines for filling bags: bagging and packaging).

Tecnimodern Products & Trademark

Bagging machines - Sealers – Batch packaging machines :

  • Horizontal bagging machines (Flow Pack)
  • Batch packing machines : designed for shrink wrapping all types of products
  • Sealers and shrink tunnels
  • Packaging lines

Range contains:

  • Small table top stationary or continuous bag sealers typ BS, MS, SCH, SCV
  • Tilted bagging machines typ Tec 02, Tec 20, Tec 30
  • Vertical bagging machines typ Tec 05,Tec 30, Tec 50
  • horizontal bagging machines (Flow Pack)typ FP 015 EVO, FP 020 EVO,FP 025 EVO
  • Sealers,and shrink tunnels  manuel and automatic versions typ LM, LAC, LAT
  • Batch packing machines
  • Automatic linear Weigher typ PSA1,and PSA2
  • Automatic counter, automatic counter/weigher,typ Tec 400, 600, 400PC, 600PC
  • Multi-Head automatic weigher


Tecnimodern Location


Tecnimodern Head Office
ZAC les Grandes Terres
42 260 Saint Germain Laval - France
+33(0)4 77 58 61 66

Key Figures

Company workforce : 22
Export sales : 25 %

Machines à ensacher - Compter - Peser
Bagging machines - Weigh-Count

Tecnimodern Business

Sector : Packaging machinery, Process
Packaging : Primary equipment, secondary equipment
Additional equipment : Marking Identification, Weighing, Conveying, Transitions
Type of equipment : Bagging machines, automatic weighers and counters, Shrink Wrapping, packers
Process Specialties : Bagging, weighing, counting, Calibration, Determination
Market : Food, Chemical Industry, cosmetics, electric and electnonic devices, mechanical parts, spare-parts, building industry
Nature of products : Solid, liquid, paste, Cold and Frozen Products, Fresh and semi-fresh, cooked and sterilized products
Food sector : Milk & Cheese, Fruits & Vegetables, Sauces & Condiments, Meat and Meat Meals, Cereals, flours, starches, Bakery, Pastry, Biscuit, Confectionery, sweets, Pet food
Non-food sector : Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Furniture and Decoration, Cars, Electronics and Computers, building industry

Sales Contact

Phone : +33 (0)4 77 58 61 66

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