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Packaging trends

Packaging trends

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AMC2 specializes in equipment for carton packaging (compact, micro-groove, nano-groove).
We offer complete packaging solutions. Our strengths are another view of the package, meeting our commitments, the quality of our services

AMC2 Products & Trademark

Among our solutions you will find :

Top of the line load (box erector, loading, box sealer) with automatic or manual Cartoners of horizontal and vertical cartoning, Of SMARTWIRE, machines placed under sleeves.
We handle all types of products incorporating innovative robotic solutions (Vision Tracking).
We manufacture equipment by gluing or loquetage for all box forming machines.
Our technology solutions include the constraints of food industries.

Our machines are divided into three main ranges :

Boxes Toploading

The top load cartoning type, the box formers, box sealers, their working principle is as follows :
Formation of the box by gluing or loquetage from a flat cardboard cutout.
Product loading automatic or manual, then closed by bonding in a well to ensure the perfect squareness of the case.

In this range of product, we developed the CanLoq ®

The cases were loaded onto the side

The lateral and vertical cartoning machines, their operating principle is as follows :
Last volume of the case, then introduction of automatic or manual product, and then closed by bonding.


Erecting a cardboard sheath folds in five pre-bonded with automatic introduction of the product inside.
Overpack jumper fibreboard trays, bottles, jars individual or grouped, multi perfumes.

Around these lines we have developed a complete line of solutions.

These guidelines include completely all components of the secondary packaging of the product packing solutions incorporating robotic control and identification (vision).

AMC2 Location


AMC2 Head Office
19, boulevard Georges Bidault
77183 Croissy Beaubourg - France
+33(0)1 60 17 96 64

AMC2 Packaging solution incorporating robotic
AMC2 Packaging solution incorporating robotic


Website : www.amc2.fr

AMC2 Business

Sector : Packaging
Packaging : Supplies secondary and end of line
Additional equipment : Identification Marking, Control Vision, Conveying-Transitions
Market : Food, Industry, Chemistry
Nature of products : solid, liquid, paste, Cold and Frozen Products, Fresh and semi-fresh, cooked and sterilized products
Food sector : Milk and Cheese, Cream and Desserts, Fruits and Vegetables, Wine and Spirits, Beverages and Syrups, Sauces & Condiments, Meat &  Prepared Meals, Cereal, Flour and Starch, Bakery, Pastry, Biscuit, Candy, and Fishing Aquaculture, pet food
Non-food sector : Household Products, Agrochemicals

Sales Contact

Benoît Renault
Phone : +33 (0)1 60 17 96 64

Key Figures

Company workforce : 10
Percentage of turnover from Export : 5 %

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