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Packaging trends

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Designing and manufacturing of special machines for the food industry. CB Equipements is a simple solution tailored to customer needs with attractive budgets. Also buy / sell used equipment.


CB Equipements Website : www.cbemballage.fr

CB Equipements History

1996: begining of the CB Emballage activity whose main activity the distribution of packaging equipments (multi head wheighers Bilwinco), high speed complete lines (linear of rotative) with denesting, filling, sealing function, and distribution of packaging (board trays)
please visit our web site: www.cbemballage.fr

2008: we understood from the market that more and more of our customers are looking for innovative solutions with equipments who suit their specific technical and  hygienic needs by high or slow speeds. We decided to create CB Equipements

Our team handles the construction, the engeniring and the maintenance of our equipments

CB Equipments Products & Trademark

  • Trays, plates, or buckets denester (per gravity, by sucker, or per lifting device)
  • Transport belts with nocks, curve or rolls in stainlessteel or plastic
  • DP1 to 6: volumetric filling machine for sticky products (rice, pasta, salads...)
  • DF; shredded cheese distributor
  • EXCEL AND MICRO EXCEL: filling equipment for sauces, pâté, lasagne, soups, salads, cheese, yogurt or pastry (single or multilane until 8), continues motion or stroke after stroke, mobile frame in height adjustable. Nozzle adapted to the product.
  • lid and cap denester on trays, bucket or tray/lid combination
  • special sealing machines (rotative or linear) for application who need high sealing presure (until 300kg/cm²) for alu, board or injected plastic trays.

Siège de CB Equipements
CB Equipements Headquarters

CB Equipements Business

Sector : Packaging, Process
Packaging : primary equipment, secondary equipment, end of line equipment
Packaging - Additional equipment : Ferry - Transitions
Process Type : Gross (Fresh), Processed Products
Market : Food
Nature of products : liquid, paste, Cold and Frozen Products, Fresh and semi-fresh, cooked and sterilized products
Food sector : Milk and Cheese, Cream and Desserts, Fruits & Vegetables, Sauces & Condiments, Meat and salted meats, Bakery, Pastry, Biscuit, Confectionery, Pet food
Non-food sector : Cosmetics, Perfumery

Volumetric filler
Volumetric filler for cooked rice, pasta, sticky products

Sales Contact

BLETRIX Christian
Phone : +33 (03) 88 48 61 82
Fax : +33 (03) 88 04 74 81

CB Equipements Location


CB Equipements Head Office
21 rue des Bosquets
+33 (3) 88 48 61 82

Others facilities - Production Site
25 rue VEGA
Parc Altaïs

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