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Packaging trends

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CLARANOR supplies sterilization equipment using pulsed light technology for industrial packaging materials (caps, closures, cups, films) and some liquids (sugar syrup) in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
We have developed a technology that meets industrial expectation, complying with ultraclean, ESL and aseptic requirements

Claranor Technology

Claranor Products & Trademark

Pulsed light can be used for disinfection of several types of products:
-Flat or “sport” caps: as ESL (dairy products, drinkable yoghurts, pasteurized fruit juices…), as ultra-clean (flavored water, soft drinks…) and aseptic (under process of qualification).
-Cups: thermally treated products stored in cold chain (dairy products, food-based desserts…), and aseptic (under process of qualification).
-Films and foils: thermoforming foils, upright bagging films like doypack type.
-Preforms necks
-Sugar syrup

Claranor Business

Sector : Packaging
Equipment : Filling and capping
Benefit : Packaging lines turnkey
Market : Food, chemical, industrial, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals
Nature of products : liquid, paste, solid
Food sector : Milk, yogurt, drinks, creams and desserts, sauces, condiments and oils
Non-food sector : detergents, lubricants, chemicals, household products, pesticides, cosmetics, perfumes, ...

Flat cap sterilization Claranor
Flat cap sterilization Claranor

Twitter @Claranom


Internet Multilingual Website : www.claranor.com


Claranor Location

Locate Claranor Head Office on Google Maps

Claranor Head Office
Chemin de la Rollande
Agroparc, BP 21 531
84916 Avignon Cedex 9 - France
+33(0)4 86 40 84 60

Sales Contact

Sales Contact : Christophe RIEDEL
Phone : +33(0)4 86 40 84 60

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