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Packaging trends

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For over 20 years, the company Euro.cri has been attentive to its national and international clients to provide them with materials that optimize their performance in agribusiness.
Process, conveying, routing and workflow management supervision (of products ordered or not) between the output of production lines and packaging machines, and between various stages of conditioning.

Euro.Cri primarily provides:

- Interfaces between packaging machines,
- Systems of workflow,
- automatic lines of products produced, cookies, sandwiches, toasted, topped croissants, surimi ...
- Automatic power supplies for all products, even the most sensitive ...

Euro.cri belongs to BFR group : Total solutions provider of turnkey packaging line.

La gamme de machines d'Euro.cri

Our job: design and build process to packaging machines.
  • Straight conveyors
  • Curved conveyors driven by chain
  • Curved conveyors with magnet drive
  • Pressureless accumulation conveyors with magnet drive
  • Angle head belt conveyors
  • Distribution systems
  • Infeed systems
  • Buffer systems
  • Pull nose conveyors
  • Tilting conveyors
  • Tray denesters
  • Customized machines
  • Integrator of robots (ABB, ADEPT, FANUC...)


Multilingual Website : www.eurocri.com

Key Figures

Company workforce: 29
Turnover 2009 : 5 M€

Euro.cri Location


Euro.cri Head Office
11, rue Davène
77120 coulommiers
+33 (0)1 64 65 11 71

Designer lines robotic

Euro.cri Business

Sector: Packaging, Process
Type of Additional equipment: Ferry - Transitions - robotics
Packaging: primary equipment, secondary equipment
Market: Food
Nature of products: Strong, Cold and Frozen Products, Fresh and semi-fresh, cooked and sterilized products
Food sector: Milk and Cheese, Beef and salted meats, Bakery, Pastry, Biscuit, Confectionery

Sales Contact

Thierry Delhommeau
Phone : +33 (0)2 28 25 84 56

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