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Packaging trends

Packaging trends

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FEMAAG is a supplier of alternative packing concepts and corresponding simple & innovative mechanizations on packing lines.

FEMAAG is offering solutions tailored to its customers problematics mainly through 2 innovations: The nested pack and the easy-opening of shrinkpacks.

The Nested Pack

A new kind of shrink-packing bringing several advantages to all stakeholders (Producers, distributors, consumers).
Savings during production (Less raw materials, increased productivity),
  • 10 to 20% logistics savings (with an increased filling of pallets),
  • less damaged goods (stronger packs & pallets),
  • 20 to 50% less carbon footprint.
Fast & easy lines upgrade, very short Return On Investment (2-6 months)

FEMAAG is currently the only player on the market to propose a comprehensive offering in the field of nested packs. This offering comprises 4 different pack arrangements, a support for pallet pattern configuration, the adaptation of machinery (shrinkwrappers and palletisers) plus of course specific patented equipments that allows to produce easily and at low cost these new arrangements.

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Other products: 
  • Nested pack Module (Nest'packer)
  • Nested pack's shape (Opti'Pack)
  • Easy opening concept (EOP)
  • High speed Machine's infeed for shaped bottles (COSMO)


We talk about FEMAAG...


Easy-to-Open Pack

At last an easy opening system for packs wrapped in plastic that is 100% intuitive and efficient.
A real added value for the consumer, but also for retail and catering professionals
If EOP is first intended for the end-user, it also simplifies the everyday life of retail and catering professionals that have to open and handle on a daily basis large quantities of packs made of 12, 24 units or more in order to fill shelves and vending machines
An added feature that costs nothing
No specific film or added strip, no production slowdown, no modification of line parameters : EOP brings added value to the consumer without added costs for the manufacturer.

An easy integration on lines
This system can easily be integrated in any packaging line equipped with a shrink-wrapper, at a cost per pack negligible for the manufacturer.

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FEMAAG business

Sectors: Packaging & packing
Type of capital goods: Modification of any existing packing lines (mainly packers & palletizers)
Packaging: Peripheral equipments on end of lines.
Maket: Beverage & Food production, Home & personal care

Femaag website

French website: femaag.fr
English website: femaag.eu


Sales contact

Phone : +33 (0)6  35 34 54 12

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Femaag location

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142 Z.A .de REUX

RD 675 Route de Caen

14130 Reux

+33 (0)2 31 65 52 95 

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