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Hema designs, manufactures, sells FILLING SYSTEMS for complex liquids food (thick, homogeneous or chunky) like dairy products, edible oils, sauces, meat, liquid pâtés..., but also for industrials and cosmetics.
Electronic weight fillers and mechanical volumetric fillers run from 600 to 50000 containers/hour. Flexible and ergonomic, they handle : glass, plastic, carton or metal containers, for volumes 60ml to 5 litres.

Thanks to its expertise Hema is referenced in main worldwide groups as :
Cargill, Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Conagra, HJ Heinz, Kraft, Mars, Nestlé,Tulip, Unilever...

Hema Products & Trademark

HEMA filling equipments :

- In-line volumetric fillers type MV1, MV2,
- Volumetric fillers type MV rotary
- Weight fillers type GW,

MV rotary and GW types in stand alone execution,or monobloc 2 or 3 turrets, combi, synchrobloc, with application of snap-on cap, screw cap or aluminium foil for containers closure.

HEMA produces also seaming machines for non-round aluminium and tin cans, atmospheric or under vacuum.


Multilingual Website : http://hema-filler.com

Key Figures

Company workforce : 100
Turnover 2014 : 20 M€
Percentage of turnover from Export : 90 %

Hema Location

Locate Hema Head Office on Google Maps

Hema Head Office
5, rue Hervé Marchand
29556 Quimper Cedex
+33 (0)2 98 52 40 00

Hema Business

Sector: Packaging
Type of equipment: Filling systems ; volumetric or weight Seaming machines
Packaging: Supplies secondary, additional equipment
Market: Food, non-food
Nature of products: liquid, paste, Fresh and semi-fresh, cooked and sterilized products
Food sector: Milk and Cheese, Cream and Desserts, Fruits & Vegetables, Drinks & Syrups, Sauces & Condiments, Oils, Meat and Meat meals, prepared foods, animal (pet food)
Non-food sector: Household Products, Maintenance and lubricants, cosmetics, perfume

Systèmes de remplissage de produits liquides ou pateux
Filling systems of liquid or pasty products

Sales Contact

Marc Vincent
Téléphone : +33 (0)2 98 52 40 00

Hema Website Contact

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