The GEPPIA members

CAPIC Specialist in food industry: Cells, Pots, Cookers, Gilding ... More about CB EQUIPEMENTS
CB EQUIPEMENTS Manufacturer of dosing machines (sauces, volumetric dosers), feeders, lid and cap denesters, conveyors, realiners transfer pumps, distributors... More about CB EQUIPEMENTS
CDA Manufacturer of labelling machines for self adhesive labels, CDA offers a wide range of solutions for the labelling of your products. More about CDA
CETEC Conceives and manufactures complete bagging lines: weighing material - bag sealers - bagging - bundling - palletization... More about Cetec
CGP Operates a flexible and high-performance materials research laboratory. More about Claranor
CLARANOR Pulsed light sterilization: microroganic securing of the materials destined to the packaging of food products. More about Claranor
CORIS Machines for the cleaning of your food products by blowing: pinch blowers, rotary blowers, gripping blowers, accumulation tables, custom-built conveyors. More about Coris
COVERIS Coveris Global Rigid  is a European-based manufacturer of rigid packaging providing customized packaging as well as complete packaging solutions More about Coveris
DCM Specialised in helio printing machines (for paper, cardboards and plastic films), packaging shaping but also paper bag production lines. More about DCM
DS SMITH A European leading packaging company of customer-specific packaging with emphasis on state-of-the art packaging design and local service close to customer facilities.  More about ETA
ELECREM Specialised in mini-dairy equipments: materials, machines and acccessories for the value-adding transformation of milk. More about ETA
ETA Designer & manufacturer of stainless steel road tanks, process & storage tanks. More about Euro.cri