The GEPPIA members

FARBAL Specialised in the set-up of packaging lines under large dimensional film, bundlers, lateral cut and welding stations, retraction tunnels... More about Farbal
FEGE Manufacturer of special machines: control, ejection, dividing, sorting, handling (special conveyors) - complete robotized station (case packing, boxing, transfer, palletization). More about Fege
FEMAAG Supplier of nested packs solutions and special machines for packaging industry. More about Farbal
GALACTEA Milk coolers, packaging machines and spare parts. En savoir plus
GEBO CERMEX Packaging line engineering - Equipment design and manufacturing. More about Guelt
GILSON Specializes in juice pasteurization equipment. More about Guelt
GUELT Designs and manufactures packaging, conditionning and canning production line equipment. More about Guelt
GIRARDIN Designer, manufacturer and distributor of packaging machines. More about Hema
HOLWEG World leader in the manufacture of High Tech machines for the production of flat and satchel paper bags. More about Hema
HEMA Manufacturer of volumetric electronical weighing filling machines. Two technologies: Rotary and Linear volumetric - rotary weight. More about Hema
JASON Designs, manufactures and sells ink jet printers destined to industrial marking. More about Jason