The GEPPIA members

KARLVILLE Developpement Karlville-logo Manufactures equipment destined to the building and application of thermoretractable sleeves. It's CEFMA branch manufactures batching machines. More about Karlville
Manufacturer of special machines for the food industry. More about Luceo
LIFTVRAC A revolutionary system to convoy your bulk. More about Luceo
MACHINES DUBUIT A whole range of fully digital screen printing machines for all types of containers but also labels, etc... More about Machines Dubuit
MECASYSTEME Specialist for more than 30 years in automated packaging machinery. More about Mecapack
Manufacturer of packaging machinery and lines. Two complementray thermoerector and sealer ranges for the food, non food and pharmaceutical industries. More about Mecapack
MECATHERM Develops, produces and installs ovens, machines and automated production lines for industrial bakery products worldwide; whether fresh or frozen, fully baked or par-baked. More about MG-Tech
MG-TECH Specialist in packaging lines for the industrial sector. In coveying, material integration, in special machines and packaging machines. More about MG-Tech
MOM Designs and Manufactures entirely automated lines for packaging of liquids, pastes, powders and granules. More about MOM
MSC-SGCC (TIAMA) One of the world leaders in complete vision inspection solutions. Incontrovertible partner for quality requirements, traceability and sanitary security, bringing the solution to automatic processing. More about MSC-SGCC
NUTRIPACK Specialist manufacturer of plastic food packaging. More about Nova
Manufacturer of pot rotary and linear packaging machines. More about Nova