The GEPPIA members

PAKEA Worldwide leading supplier of production lines for the paper and the food and non-food industries. More about Farbal
PACK'CO Manufacturer of filling, capping, and labelling machines More about Farbal
PACK'R Automatic Filling and Capping Machines For liquid and semi-liquid products More about Farbal
PANEM Equipment developer, designer and producer of retarder provers, deep-freezers and preservers, refrigerated cabinets, ventilated cold-marble for pastry and show case More about Farbal
PDC EUROPE The specialist in stretch and shrink sleeves to regroup and decorate products with complex shapes.
The alternative to wrap around retractable machines.
More about Farbal
PICPAC SYSTEMS Specialised in robotised solutions and industrial vision, PicPacSystems and it's partners offers a comprehensive offer for your end of lines. More about Farbal
PKB Perfume and cosmetic packaging machines, PKB designs and sells liquid and semi-liquid filling machines. More about Farbal
PGF PARTNER Manufacturer of filling, screwing, labeling and filling machines for all types of containers. More about Farbal
POLYPACK Manufacturer of packaging machines: shrink wrappers with or without selling bar with vertical or horizontal inserted cardboard. More about Farbal
PRECIA MOLEN Commercial and industrial weighing, manual and automatic labelling, statistical control of pre-packaged goods, weight sorters, scales, weighing machines... More about Farbal
PROCYS  Specialist in the entire process for biscuits, pastry, bakery, confectionery, from the moment they leave the production system (oven, deep fryers, moulds) until the final packaging process. More about Farbal
RECMI INDUSTRIE Robotic and gantry handling systems for packaging lines and secondary packaging. More about Farbal