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Packaging trends

Packaging trends

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Manufacturer of stainless steel packaging machines, Polypack has 40 years experience in France and in export (over 7000 machines already installed) :
Tray former/lid fitter/closing machine/top load packer, Wrap around tray/case/self ready packaging, Shrink wrapper with sealing bar/without sealing bar with vertical or horizontal inserted cardboard, Combi machine for dual packaging cardboard and film.

Polypack Products & Trademark

  • Shrink wrapper with or without sealing bar
  • Tray packer and case wrap around
  • Tray former
  • Combi machine (cardboard + film)
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Multilingual Website : www.polypack.fr/eng

Key Figures

Percentage of turnover from Export : 60 %

Polypack Location

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Polypack Head Office
ZA Les Epinettes
72500 Dissay sous Courcillon

+33 (0)2 43 44 03 94

Sales Contact

M. Oscar Fache
Phone: +33 (0)2 43 44 03 94

Fardeleuse sans soudure film neutre ou imprime
Shrinkwrapper seamless - neutral film or prints

Polypack Business

Sector: Packaging
Packaging: secondary supplies, end of line
Type of equipment: Sleeve, punneters, boxing
Market: Food, Industry, Chemistry
Nature of products: solid, liquid, paste, and semi-Fresh Produce Fresh
Food sector: milk and cheese, creams and desserts, fruits and vegetables, wines and spirits, beverages and syrups, sauces and condiments, oils, and cured meats, prepared foods, cereals, flours, starches, animal feed (pet food)
Non-Food Sector: Household products, pesticides, lubricants and maintenance, paint and inks, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, furniture and decoration

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