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Packaging trends

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Serac Group offers bottles manufacturing, innovative filling solutions for food, beverages, dairy, chemical products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
 5 000 machines worlwide.

Serac Products & Trademark

Combox : Blow-fill-cap machine

Roll N' Blow :
Bottle manufacturing with thermoforming technology

: Weight filling machine.

SAS 4 :  Aseptic filling line for dairy and beverage

Linea : Linear filling machine for preformed cups.

Neo : Rotary filling machine for preformed cups.

Canopy : Rotary filling machine for edible oil.


Net weight filling machine
Net weight filling machine

Sales Contact (France)

Phone : +33 2 43 60 28 28

Serac Website Contact

Serac expertise

Serac Business

Sector : Packaging
Equipment : Blowing, filling & capping machines
Benefit : Complete line engineering, training, upgrade, tooling, ...
Market : Food, beverages, dairy, home & personal care, lubricants, ...
Nature of products : Liquid, paste, solid
Food sector : Milk, beverages, yogurt, cheese, creams and desserts, sauces, edible oils
Non-food sector : Home care, personal care, lubricants

Serac Location


Serac Head Office
12, route de Mamers BP 46
72402 La Ferté Bernard Cedex - France
+33 (0) 2 43 60 28 28

Assembly plants

Nova (France)
Serac France
Agami (France)
Serac Inc
Serac Do Brasil
Serac Asia

Locate Serac Worldwide

Key Figures (2014)

Number of employees : 565
Turnover : 110 M€
Export turnover : 90 %

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