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SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL® established on all continents, is the world specialist for Decoration, Protection, Information and Promotion in sleeve for selective distribution markets and supermarkets. SLEEVER MACHINES, 30 years of experience in designing line for sleeve, offers a full range:
Sleeve application machine devoted to each markets (Powersleeve®, Pharmasleeve…, SleeverLogicpak for small and unstable products) and associated shrink applicators for ( Powerskinner ® shrink oven infrared, Powersteam shrink oven steam) and a wide range of peripheral equipment to meet the specific needs of each market (microperforation units, camera detection, non stop reel systems,…)


Machine Combisleeve®

Sleever International Products & Trademark

SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL established on all continents and with 30 years of experience in designing machines, revolutionizes the technology with its new sleeve concept  machines.

These concepts, developed to meet new international standards and European standards in 2011 (design scrolling  refined, visibility machine 360°, easy access and cleaning, ergonomics, user friendly for the operator) following production rates from 3 000 to 60 000 products per hour and are complemented by devices to meet market needs (food, wines and spirits, cosmetic, pharmaceutical,…)
  • Sleeve application vertical: Powersleeve ®- Pharmasleeve®
  • Sleeve application Horizontal : Logicpak ®
  • Steam tunnel (Power steam®)
  • Hot air tunnel (Powerskinner®)
  • Infrared tunnel( Powershrink®)
Peripherals : Sleeve feeding station automatic –semi automatic, marking unit(laser, ink jet, heat transfer…), cut device , microperforation unit, drying  unit, (cell-camera) detection and control device, change tooling without any tools device.

Sleever International Location

Locate Sleever Head Office on Google Maps

Sleever International Head Office

5 avenue Arago
ZI Le Val - BP27
91421 Morangis Cedex - France

Tel : +33 1 69 74 75 76
Other facility
Sleever® Machines

Sleever® Logicpack®
Sleever® Logicpack®


Multilingual Website : www.sleever.com

Sleever International Business

Mass Market:   - Drink Market
                        - Market maintenance products
                        - Dairy & food market

Masstiges:        - Pharmacy market
                         - Cosmetic market
                         - Makeup market
                         - Wine and spirits market
                         - Food market, liquid, solid

The Skinsleever ® Effect

Alcohol, lighters, cosmetics ...

Skinsleever-alcool sleever-international-briquets sleever international coty playboy

Contact commercial

Philippe Morel
Phone : +33 (0)01 69 74 75 76

Sleever International Website Contact

Key Figures

Company workforce : 1000
Turnover 2009 :  150 M€
Percentage of turnover from Export :  80%

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