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Packaging trends

Packaging trends

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Manufacturer of packaging machines for liquids, pastes and solids for food, detergent, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Manufacturer of RF sealing equipments.

Inventor of the pillow pouches for milk and the DOYPACK® stand up pouches, THIMONNIER also designs special packaging machines. From design to commissioning and after sales THIMONNIER offers a full range of equipment ranging from manual machines to automatic lines.

THD 800 - Filling machine for liquid, viscous and solid products into DOYPACK® stand up pouches
THD 800 - Filling machine for liquid, viscous and solid products into DOYPACK® stand up pouches

Thimonnier Products & Trademark


•    Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machines for pillow pouches
•    Horizontal Fill-Seal machines for Doypack® applications
•    Radio frequency and thermal welding equipments
•    Machines for making and filling medical pouches
•    Welding equipment
•    Radio Frequency Training


Multilingual Website : www.thimonnier.com


Thimonnier Location


Thimonnier Head Office and Plant
11 avenue de la Paix
69650 St Germain au Mont d'Or
Phone: +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)

Key Figures

Number of employees : 65
Turnover 2014 :  14 M€
Export sales :  85 %

M 3200 E.S.L
M 3200 E.S.L. (Extended Shelf Life) : Machine for packaging ESL milk or other dairy products into pillow pouches

Thimonnier Business

Sector: Packaging
Packaging: Supplies primary, secondary
Market: Food, Chemistry, Industry, Pharmaceutical
Nature of products: solid, liquid, paste, Cold and Frozen Products, Fresh and semi-fresh, cooked and sterilized products
Food sector: Milk and Cheese, Cream and Desserts, Fruits and Vegetables, Wine and Spirits, Beverages and syrups, sauces and condiments, oils, meat and salting, prepares meals, cereals, flours, starches, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Animal Feed (Petfood ) Enteral Nutrition
Non-food sector: Household Products, Agrochemicals, Maintenance and lubricants, paints and inks, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Furniture and Decoration, Cars, Electronics and Computer Science, Building Materials

Sales Contact

Eric Duhoo
Phone : +33 (0)4 72 08 19 31

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