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Introducing the Packaging Trends Industry white Paper

Last Press Release update : 2013-12-04

The Geppia has released its industry white paper Packaging Trends "The future of manufacturing", a full ebook version available online from June 25, 2013.

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An objective and global perspective

The purpose of the white book is to review the major packaging trends from a wide range of perspectives, through the eyes of experts from the packaging manufacturing, the retail and consumer goods industries. Each expert’s insight is published in the form of an opinion column.

23 famous experts share their vision about future of packaging:


Andrea Barbolini - Application VP Packaging at Schneider Electric
"New challenges for tomorrow's packaging machines"

Florence Bertaux - Business Development Manager at Fanuc
"Robotics automation: towards more flexibility and added value"

Pierre-Yves Berthe - Managing Director at Mecapack
"Flexibility, a key priority for the industry"

Eric Drapé - Executive Vice President Technical Operations at Ipsen
"Focusing design innovation on sustainability"

Vincent Ferry - Packaging Manager at Danone
"Packaging innovation: The problem is not to find ideas... but rather to find what the problem is"

Annette Freidinger - International Packaging Expert, Conference speaker
"There is still much to invent in processing and machine design"

Eric Fresnel - CEO at Sleever International
"Innovative solutions based on ultra-specialized sleeving"

Bruno Garnier - Quality packaging and sustainable development at Carrefour
"Committing to smart packaging"

Pascal de Guglielmo - President at Synerlink
"Offering complete lines with an overall performance warranties"

Bruno Guillemat - Head Packaging at Pernod Ricard
" Tomorrow's packaging: more functionalities, more sustainable"

Pierre-Etienne Hannecart - Head of Consumer Centric Packaging at Nestlé
Daniel Magnin - Global Head of Packaging Equipment at Nestlé
"Packaging and manufacturing processes are continuously evolving"

Richard Mallett - Managing Director at HACCP Europe
"A zero tolerance approach to food safety hazards"

Roland Nicolas - Dairy & Aseptic Business Development Director at Serac
"Aseptic milk packaging: news trends"

Arnaud Rolland - Sustainable Development at Coca-Cola
"Now is the time for the virtuous circle of recycling"

Fabrice Peltier - Design Expert at Diadeis
"We are dealing with a new circle, with reinvented systems"

Nathalie Pereira - Business Development Manager at Gebo Cermex
"Ergonomics is a priority for our custumers"

Philippe Thuvien
- Packaging & Development Director at L'Oréal
"Packaging, a key vector of innovation"

Christophe Venaille - Food and Beverage Business Unit Manager at Luceo
"Towards ful control using vision inspection"


Also, to enlarge our vision about global packaging trends :

Pat Reynolds - VP/Editorial at Packaging World
"An American's stance on global packaging trends"
Wong Tsz Hin - Editor at Asia Pacific Food Industry
"Asia: The fastest growing packaging market in the world"
Henri Saporta - Editor in chief at Emballages Magazine
"The future lies in virtuous packaging"

Jean-Camille Uring - President of Symop (french association for manufacturing machine and technologies)
Industry focus : "Innovation is the key to increasing industrial competitiveness"

As many contributors, share your insight and contact us on twitter @PackagingTrend !


 A project initiated by the GEPPIA trade association

The GEPPIA, the French Packaging and Processing Trade Association, is driving and promoting the project. It has accomplished a ground breaking feat in the packaging industry: get machine manufacturers to share strategic information that will enable them to better address the global changes in the food industry and its supply chain.

In the GEPPIA’s wake a number of global companies with head  offices in Europe are playing an active part in the Packaging Trends white paper. Their objective is to share their insights into tomorrow’s global packaging industry and enable other manufacturers to anticipate the changes.

Cermex (Sidel), Fanuc, Luceo (Tiama), Mecapack (Proplast), Serac, Sleever InternationalSchneider Electric, Synerlink , all GEPPIA members, are among those collaborating to put together the content of the publication.



Press contact :

Mr David Le Souder
+33 6 28 33 83 14
Email: press〔at〕

GEPPIA - Packaging French Trade Association
41, rue la Condamine
75017 Paris

Promoting the white paper

Two websites give access to the white paper download :

 - for the English version  for the French version

The social media will also communicate on its release and content:

 - Twitter account @PackagingTrend sharing key information extracted from the paper

- Youtube videos featuring the contributors to the white paper

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Packaging trends book - press release

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GEPPIA presentation

The GEPPIA, the Processing and Packaging Trade Association for the food (and other) industry, was founded end of  2005 by Jean-Marc Doré. It brings together over 4000 professionals and represents over 1.3 billion USD (1 billion Euros) in sales turnover.

The group has created three commissions that meet and exchange regularly : General Managers, Purchasers and Marketing Managers. The role of the commissions is to enable the participants to share best practices and create synergy between complementary activities.

Find out more about the GEPPIA :

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