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How to take advantage of the GEPPIA services?

All you have to do is subscribe yearly for an amount calculated according to the workforce and turnover of the company.

Once the subscription contract and payment have been received, a user guide and an access code to the GEPPIA website are sent to the subscriber who will then be able to access all services and their terms and conditions.

The subscription gives access to a certain liberty of action, the aim being to always provide the most satisfying and profitable conditions and services for the subscriber. 

Prices of yearly subscription from the 1st of january 2013

Up to 15 people or a turnover of under 2 M. €
2 200 € HT

From 16 to 100 people or a turnover between 2 and 15 M. €
3 300 € HT

From 101 to 200 people or a turnover between 15 and 30 M. €
4 400 € HT

Over 200 people or a turnover of over + 30 M. €
5 500 € HT