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First edition's program

11h45-12h15 AM CEST (Paris)

  • Sterilization

Industry 4.0 : What is the intelligence you want to develop?

The case study of sterilization

Where does the intelligence of a process come from ? Man or machine ?

For Steriflow the answer is clear.

An experience feedback from 2 years of intensive co-construction for a new generation of autoclaves that serve the very special know-how of sterilization.

Matthieu Cillard, Steriflow's Sales director

and David Castronovo, sales engineer at IFM 

12h30 AM - 01h00 PM CEST (Paris)

  • IIoT platforms

The factory goes through analysis

When the factory starts to talk, it unveils surprising sources of improvement.

A practical illustration with Hellenic Dairies, where digital continuity led to unexpected increase in operational and environmental performance.

Laurent Couillard, Founder and CEO of InUse

01h30-02h00 PM CEST (Paris)

  • Automated logistic centers

When the rejection rate for pallets goes sky high

With automated systems, tolerance is no longer an option.

Discover how to wrap your pallets in order to make sure they will pass through the doors of a 4.0 warehouse.

Yohann Gaidon, Thimon's Sales director

02h15-02h45 PM CEST (Paris)

  • Shrink-wrapping

How to wrap giants ?

Wrapping a sofa, a picture window or a counter several meters long was once done by hand. But times are changing.

Because your employees have better things to do, it is now possible to industrialize the handling and wrapping of XXL products, whatever their shape. And offer them optimum protection during transport.

Surprise yourself by discovering these solutions !

Jérôme Galpin, Farbal's CEO